What is Google Business Profile?

Google wants local businesses to appear on the top when a user search it on Google maps and Google search. For this, Google allows business owners to create business profile on Google. Creation of business account allows business owners or entrepreneurs to claim ownership of local business, provide authenticity to users, improve visibility over search results, and manage it constantly.

Creating a business profile is simple that includes providing basic details such as business name, location, and category to Google so that it can create a business profile with respect to that geo location. This business profile will appear on the top whenever a user is near to the location allowing them to see photos, ask questions, answer questions, see necessary details about the business, and add reviews. So without any delay let’s head over to step by step process to create and structure the google my business page and improve rankings for potential and existing customers.

According to a study conducted by Google, the organization found that the 50% of the customers tend to visit or purchase goods and services from the store within a day of performing local search from their smartphones.

How a Business Owner can set up a Google My Business Page


The following process can be followed to create, update or optimize an existing or new Google My Business page and improve rankings on Google maps and Google search results:

  1. Visit Google website: As a first step, you can visit https://www.google.com/business/ and click on the button which will be green in color with the anchor text as “Start Now”. You can log in to an existing Google account or create a new one is an easy and quick process. If you have an existing Google my business page and want to update the any relevant details just search by typing either business name or business address.

If you don’t have an existing page, simply click on “add your business” and fill in the required information like business category, address (if you don’t have a physical store then opt for “I deliver goods and services to my customers”, phone number, and website URL.

  1. Claim the Google Business Page for a New Business: After you have filled all the relevant details, find the business location and click on it. You have to tell Google that you are authorized to manage this business so that Google can start further process of verifying the details that you have just provided.
  2. Verifying the Business: By this step, the process is half completed. You can opt from three ways to verify your business. Google will one of these ways to provide a verification code. The methods to verify are phone call, postcard mailed to your business address, and email.

All the options are convenient, if one doesn’t work for you then you can always choose among the options left. After receiving the code you can fill it to verify your business page and voila! All the steps are completed and now your business also has the Google My Business page.

  1. Optimizing the Google My Business Page: Your account reflects what your business does, so it has to be presented in the manner that your customers understands the way in which your business operates and the value it provides to the customer. You can work on optimizing the following things in order to provide more information to your customer about your business through the Google My Business Page:
  • Opening Hours: You can set on which days and at what timings you open your business. So, that the customer has an idea around the timings when they can visit you. If you are not open on some certain days then mention that as well.
  • Add Photos: You can add photos of the logo, outlet interiors, or products to provide visually appealing image of your business. Offering images help customers to view you as a trustworthy place to visit and buy from you.
  • Reviews: Encourage customers to write reviews about your business. This creates a social proof https://cxl.com/blog/is-social-proof-really-that-important/ for new customers as they visit your outlet or decides to take your services if you’re an online business. Reviews builds trust among people as they are written by a third person who is not a part of the business hence they are not bias.
  • Posts: This is an amazing feature that Google provides you to share and publish blogs, events, publications or other related content from your website. However, a post can be featured on the Google My Business Page for a couple of days before it needs updating.
  • Category: Category is most important, as it tells in what industry your business does dealing or provides its services or products. Choosing the right category helps Google to place your business in top rankings among your competitors.
  • Local SEO: Google ranks your business page among competitors in the same industry through search engine optimization (https://searchengineland.com/guide/what-is-seo). The higher the ranking, the higher the visibility you will get out of your business page. You can target local customers based on keywords they’re searching around and provide information with the help of your products and services.

Things like responding to your customers, staying active on the page by updating images, posts, and content also helps your business page to rank higher.

  1. Monitoring the Google My Business Page: It is essential to keep track on what is happening on your Google My Business Page as new customers comes and leave reviews. You can provide your answers or replies that shows that you value your customer’s feedback.

Apart from this, you can also change information from time to time like you change your business opening timings during a certain period of the year, it would be best if you can mention important changes like this on your page.

Google MyBusiness Profile



In today’s world where every day new businesses are opening and competition is increasing in the markets. It is essential for entrepreneurs, startups, new businesses, and existing businesses to establish the visibility that helps in improving the trust in the eyes of the customer.

Google My Business is the first step towards the growth for any business type as every business needs new customers to increase the revenue and the best place to start is with the local market that most businesses ignore and thus face difficulties while surviving in the market.

Businesses gain most revenues or benefits from the repeating customers as they are faithful and loyal to the business. They help them grow by introducing new customers or businesses benefit from them by reselling or upselling their products or services. Hence, it is important to work on your Google My Business Page and tap this market of local customers.

As today’s world is more dependent on the internet, their usage in terms of buying has also increased. We Google every other thing as it is fast and reliable, that’s why Google is the best place to start your journey towards success.

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